The Project

Learning platform

Educational concept of the learning platform:

Engineers and skilled workers must have sound and ready-to-use skills in planning and controlling manufacturing processes, such as:

  • select blanks for production tasks
  • select manufacturing process justified
  • determine operation sequences taking into account available machines
  • create and evaluate process variants
  • carry out the order disposition
  • make short-term decisions in the manufacturing area
  • provide all necessary resources

Accordingly, these competencies have to be developed for students and trainees. The learning platform "Planning and Controlling of Manufacturing Processes" is intended to support students and learners in self-employment by:

  • Provision of complex and challenging tasks on the topic
  • Providing basic knowledge
  • Providing primary data for successful planning and control of manufacturing processes
  • Provision of audiovisual teaching and learning content on the subject area
  • Personal feedback of the teacher (tutor) and computer-aided feedback of the learning platform