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  • Colleagues form Dresden prepare a presentation at the IManEE 2019 international conference, May 22 – 24 in 2019 in Pitesti, Romania.
  • The colleagues from UJEP published an article about our project in the journal “Perner's contacts”.
  • The colleagues of TU Dresden are ongoing for the preparation of a small conference about OER (Open Educational Resources) for digital learning platforms. The conference is called "Freie digitale Lehrkonzepte für die akademische Ausbildung im Maschinenbau" and will take place at the 26th of September in Dresden
  • Colleagues from TUL are preparing a conference on “Manufacturing systems today and tomorrow” (topic Human Resource in Manufacturing). The conference will be held in Czech language at the 7th and 8th of November in 2019. There will be multi lingual conference proceedings with (original and English) printed abstracting and electronic proceeding. English contribution is preferred, but authors can also write in mother language (Czech/Slovakian/Polish/German/English) as conference is focused not only or research but on coop with companies.
  • The colleagues of TUL are planning to write a short cross-border-paper on
  • TUBAF committed the following points:
    • Updating and publication of the project poster in front of the lecture hall KKB-2030 in the university building
    • Updating and extension of the project website at the TUBAF
  • The colleagues from Freiberg are preparing their publication at the “International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning” in Dresden. It will be a cross-border-publication.
  • The colleagues of UJEP also made a calendar with the use of a photo from the cross-borderworkshop.
  • The colleagues of Freiberg prepare their publication for the "International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning" in Dresden.
  • The colleagues of TUD had their conference on OER at the 26th of September. They presented our project to the audience.
  • Colleagues of UJEP preparing their conference “11th ALUMINIUM AND NON-FERROUS METALS 2019” witch will be from 22nd to 25th of October where they will be present our project
  • Colleagues from Freiberg submitted the manuscript and registered to the “International Academic Conference on Teaching, Learning and E-learning in Dresden”.